Are you hosting a Dutch exhibition with a small cast or tight budget? Here are some entertaining suggestions from the Dutch Acrobats

this page is still under construction. We will add more suggestions soon.

Create a reading area with picture books.

Beautiful examples that create a short and inspiring overview of the landscapes in the Netherlands:

  • Nationale Landschappen en parken, ISBN 9789018029432 ; information about the national parks in the Netherlands (map included) with a lot of pictures
  • 50 Klompenpaden, ISBN 9789075271867 ; 50 hiking trails through (agri) cultural landscape in the provinces Utrecht and Gelderland with beautifull pictures of the countryside
  • Nederland vanuit de lucht ISBN 9789048816149, pictures from the air
  • Nederland, ISBN 9789047704980 ; drawings from the French Charlotte Dematons, in which she maximized the minimum of the landscapes, history, festivals and the famous painters of the Netherlands.  Child friendly addition to this collection of check books.

For a picture book of Dutch Folk costumes we recommend:

  • Klederdrachten, een reis langs de levende streekdrachten van Nederland, ISBN 9025430317

We can take these books along if you experience problems in getting them yourselve.

Dutch Photoshoot

  • in Dutch folkloristic costumes
  • or with a Dutch background panel
  • or wearing gigantic clogs (use size 49 or more if you want people to get in with their shoes on)


Dutch Folk Games (Oudhollandse spelen)

sack race

rope skipping

patato run

cake snapping

egg seesaw


If desired The Dutch acrobatics can give an energetic boost to the participants or an inspring training for your volunteers.  Or arrange all the necessary props.


Arrange a sound system with multiple headsets

Learn Dutch

with e.g.

Dutch for Dummies

The Undutchables